1.Interventional Product-Allia IGS 7

Manufacturer:GE Healthcare, Buc, France

In-house design:Jean-Michel Marteau, Aurelie Boudier

The robot-controlled angiography system Allia IGS 7 for imaging therapy is neither floor- nor ceiling-mounted but works on a gantry with wheels. This gives the user flexible access to the patient and the ability to work from a wide variety of positions. In addition, the trackless design provides improved hygiene. The C-arm is laser-guided to allow exact positioning in the space and has a wide opening that is also suitable for heavy patients. The user interfaces, functions and displays are easy to reach from all sides.

2.Medical Devices and Technology-NuboMed Medical IoT Kit

Manufacturer:Shenzhen NuboMed Medical Device Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Chaoqiang Li, Xinghan Zhou, Yuwei Liu

The NuboMed Medical IoT Kit collects patient data such as body temperature, heart rate and other important vital signs in real time and transmits them wirelessly to the hospital network. This provides medical staff with complete patient data to make informed clinical decisions. Designed for high comfort, the devices, which are worn directly on the body, are made of skin-friendly silicone. All components are uniform in appearance and usability. The unit also features low power consumption and eco-friendly manufacturing.

3.Infected Waste-Water Management Device-MCM SHUTTER

Manufacturer:CIDR Lab., Department of Industrial Design, KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea

In-house design:Prof. Dr. Tek-Jin Nam, Dr. Kwangmin Cho

The design of the MCM SHUTTER was born from the idea of creating a simple solution to treating infectious waste water from toilets in pop-up clinics or negative pressure rooms. The unit consists of a water pump and piping system, as well as a tank and a fan, all of which are easy to assemble. It is connected directly to the existing toilet drainage system. Through the pump, the waste water can also be directed into the tank on level ground, where it is sterilised and then discharged back into the existing toilet drainage system. The fan with its built-in HEPA filter serves to keep odours and infectious aerosols away.

4.Medical Devices and Technology-NS100 Orthopedic Robotic Surgery Platform

Manufacturer:Nanjing Truedoc Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing, China

In-house design:Xuan Teng

5.Rehabilitation Device-ViPac (VISHEE Passive and Active)

Manufacturer:Nanjing Vishee Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing, China

In-house design:Chongchong Xu, Qi Wang, Bojie Xiao

The ViPac rehabilitation device gives patients with mobility restrictions options for both active and passive exercise of the upper and lower limbs. The training units are linked to driving games using a touchscreen. Its slimline construction and two wheels allow the device to be moved around without any difficulty in a clinic, a care facility or the home environment, even where space is restricted. Its dynamic contours are ergonomically designed and give the impression that the device is sympathetically disposed to the patient, but without in any way distracting from the screen.

6.Healthcare-Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Manufacturer:Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Jie Liu, Yaoqi Zhong, Qisong Liu

Both in the clinic and at home, this ambulatory infusion pump can be used to administer liquid medication. Thanks to the compact box shape, the patient can comfortably carry the device in a pocket. Alternatively, a clamp offers the possibility to hang up the pump. A special feature is that medicine cartridges of different sizes can be connected to the bottom of the casing, which makes use very flexible. Since the device is controlled via a modern touchscreen with clear menu navigation, the pump also offers intuitive and safe operation.

7.Mobility Scooter-Scoozy C

Manufacturer:Scoozy BV, Delfgauw, Netherlands

In-house design:Job van de Kieft, Jan Willem van Gent

Scoozy C is designed as a mix between a power wheelchair and a scooter. Its expressive design aims to break through the common image of mobility aids. The four 16" wheels provide stability on any surface, while the high-placed LED lighting ensures safety on the road. The open design allows easy access and direct contact with the surroundings. In addition, its ergonomically shaped seat contributes to a pleasant riding experience. The joystick control allows the user to adopt a straight and thus comfortable sitting posture, in contrast to conventional scooters with a steering column.

8.Healthcare-Flexi Crutches

Manufacturer:Demby Development Co., Ltd., Taiwan,China

In-house design:Johnson Wang

Due to carefully considered details, Flexi Crutches overcome certain inconveniences associated with the use of conventional forearm crutches. At the touch of a button, they can retract to half their original size and are stowed away easily in a wheelchair, for example. The ergonomically shaped handles take the strain off the user when walking for long periods, while the arm cuffs with their slightly inclined angle achieve a better distribution of body weight. The height adjustment allows the crutches to be adapted to body size. To ensure optimum grip, the rubber feet have a wide oval shape and an elastic buffer zone.

9.Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor-BM 81 easyLock

Manufacturer:Beurer GmbH, Ulm, Germany

Design:ahackenberg Design Consulting, Prien am Chiemsee, Germany

The BM 81 easyLock blood pressure monitor eschews cables and tubes, so the cuff for arm circumferences from 24 to 40 cm can be simply pulled over the upper arm. Integrated cuff position control provides additional safety for all measurements. Thanks to the inflation technology, which already takes the measurement during the gentle pressure build-up and thus speeds up the process, use is very simple. In addition, the blood pressure monitor has an extra-large display and an integrated LED risk indicator on which the measured values are clearly shown and easily discerned.

10.In Vitro Testing Equipment-Home Fluorescence Analyzer

Manufacturer:Lollipop Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China

In-house design:Wei Zhang

This fluorescence analyser can be used for more than 20 of the most common disorders, including kidney function, vitamin deficiency, cardiovascular diseases, infections and so forth. Since the device in its analysis uses the professional immunofluorescence technique known from hospitals, the accuracy is 99.5 per cent. The casing is made of a durable, recyclable aluminium alloy, and each test requires only one test strip.

11.Smartphone Digital Otoscope-SmartCheck™ by Children’s Tylenol®

Manufacturer:DELBio, Suzhou, China

Design:J&J Design, Johnson & Johnson’s internal design organization, New York, USA

SmartCheck converts virtually any smartphone into an otoscope, allowing ear infections to be diagnosed remotely. It originated in response to the need to spare sick children the stress associated with a visit to the medical practice. The device can be easily and securely connected to a smartphone, and it works like a doctor’s otoscope by magnifying and illuminating the auditory canal and eardrum to enable closer examination. A patented alignment feature helps the user to slide the device accurately over the smartphone camera lens. The system includes an app which gives step by step assistance with capturing, saving and sending the images.

12.Active Wheelchair with Power Assist-Empulse R90

Manufacturer:Sunrise Medical GmbH, Malsch, Germany

In-house design:Daniel Zhou, Kelsey DiGiacomo, Peter Stuhlmüller

The high-performance electric motor of the Empulse R90 power assist extends a wheelchair user’s range by providing additional propulsion on inclines or when managing longer distances. It is attached centrally between the back wheels, allowing the overall dimensions of the wheelchair to remain compact. The ergonomic handle, light transport weight and auto-closing docking mechanism make the motor easy to attach. The design language creates an aesthetically attractive unit that discreetly and seamlessly integrates with the user’s wheelchair.

13.Electronic Video Endoscope System-EB-710P

Manufacturer:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

In-house design:Hirotoshi Ono

The EB-710P is a thin endoscope equipped with an exceptionally compact CMOS sensor. This technology means that the tip is a mere 4.1 mm in diameter, so that it may penetrate the periphery of the lung much more easily than a conventional systems. In addition, there is a rotation mechanism which allows the user to return the endoscope safely to its original position before withdrawal. The ergonomic grip and the teardrop-shaped dial used with the rotation function make for smooth handling.

14.Medical Devices and Technology-Endoscope Visualization System

Manufacturer:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

In-house design:Keiichiro Takahashi

This visualisation system enables reliable and accurate examination of the colon. The transceiver exchanges electromagnetic signals with the endoscope and the hand marker. The information provided by the measured signals is then transferred to a graphic rendering which indicates the exact position of the endoscope in the patient. It is designed with gently rounded curves and generously sized surfaces, and the contrasting black-and-white colour scheme gives it a sober, practical look. The simplicity of the components ensures an understated appearance, allowing it to retreat discreetly into the background during the examination.

15.Microbial Component Analyser-LIMUSAVE MT-7500 SYSTEM

Manufacturer:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

In-house design:Kunihiko Tanaka

The LIMUSAVE MT-7500 analyser enables rapid screening for sepsis or fungal infections using pretreated blood specimens. The test area and the user interface are clearly defined to enable easy orientation. To start the analysis process, the sample container is simply inserted into one of the vertical slots. The illuminated display shows the test progress at a glance. In addition, the slim design of the analyser means that it takes up very little space in the test area.

16.Water Pump-JW-3

Manufacturer:FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

In-house design:Kunihiko Tanaka

The JW-3 water pump connects to endoscopes and high-frequency knives to clean the lesions with water during an invasive medical procedure. Various tubes are available for the different applications, and the connector for each tube is recognised by the unit automatically. The connectors are clearly highlighted in green. The main unit and the water tank form a compact visual unit but are designed as separate entities, so that the tank can be conveniently removed for filling.

17.Medical Devices and Technology-Head PET

Manufacturer:Tianjin Tongtou Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China

Design:Shenzhen Modesign Management Co., Ltd., Mouyuan Liu, Rongkun Huang, Yi Luo, Shenzhen, China

Designed for the early detection of neurological diseases of the brain, the head PET scanner offers shorter scan times, lower costs and has a less claustrophobic effect on patients compared to whole-body devices. The free space under the table visually takes away the heaviness of the construction. In addition, the filigree light elements in purple loosen up the architecture. For the examination, the patient lies on the table and the practitioner pushes the detector module towards them. In so doing, the practitioner operates a handle with a fast-acting brake mechanism. At the foot of the table is a practical mount for a roll of disposable bed sheets.

18.Trace Elemental Analysis Instrument-Inspector SQ60

Manufacturer:Reliable (Hangzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China

Design:Shenzhen Modesign Management Co., Ltd., Yi Luo, Mouyuan Liu, Xiaohang Tang, Shenzhen, China

This device uses analytical techniques from the geosciences for clinical applications. It is used to detect trace elements in the human body in order to prevent or treat nutrition-related diseases. At the centre of the design is the round front flap, which is harmoniously set in relation to the status light strip by its black edging. Easy-to-understand software and the labelled, logically arranged gas connections on the side simplify operation. To facilitate order in the workstation, the sample container can be magnetically fixed to the bottom edge of the casing.

19.Medical Instrument-SONTU Mobile DR

Manufacturer:Shenzhen SONTU Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Wang Yimin, Rao Yuming, Zeng Xingke

Design:Shenzhen eedesign Co., Ltd., Shengrong Guo, Liping Zhu, Zehua Zhang, Shenzhen, China

The SONTU Mobile DR mobile X-ray unit is characterised by its small size and easy handling. The electric drive with energy recovery can be push-started and also manages moderate gradients. During operation, the low height and narrow design offer an almost unrestricted view to the front. The flexibly movable telescopic arm can be adjusted to different body sizes and various examination positions. The fully enclosed casing and the low ground clearance protect people and mechanics alike. In addition, a homogeneous overall appearance with clear lines is created.

20.Automated Live Cell Imaging System-Celloger Nano

Manufacturer:Curiosis Inc., Seoul, South Korea

In-house design:Sungeun An, Youngho Park, Sori Kim

Design:One story design, Seunghyun You, Gwacheon City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

The Celloger Nano live cell imaging system can visualise changes in cells through bright field and fluorescence microscopy. Advanced features such as autofocusing and time-lapse imaging help to optimise processes in the lab. The LED lamp is integrated into the body shape, which reduces the device’s footprint. The compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to transport and to place several units next to each other in the incubator. Once the sample is situated, it no longer needs to be moved directly by hand. Instead, it is positioned smoothly via the ergonomically designed adjusting wheel on the side.

21.Body Contouring Device-MAVENUS MAGIC

Manufacturer:Hubei Mavenus Medical Device Co., Ltd., Hubei, China

In-house design:Runmin Duan, Zhigang Cheng, Yueran Cheng

MAVENUS MAGIC is a non-invasive device that generates high-energy pulsating magnetic fields to stimulate muscle building and fat reduction. Elegant proportions and organically flowing lines, combined with high-gloss surfaces in contrasting black and white, give the device its distinguished appearance. The circular status light and the separately arranged touch display create an intuitive user experience that seems almost playful. The applicators are mounted on the back to save space, so that the unobstructed view of the front is maintained.

22.Medical Equipment-Cetus 40

Manufacturer:Focus & Fusion Healthcare (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China

In-house design:Ning Zhang, Weiguo Liu

The mobile ultrasound scanner Cetus 40 offers independently developed technologies that are optimally coordinated and, together with its modern single-crystal transducers, provide excellent image quality. Thanks to the compact lightweight design and the on-board battery, the system can be used flexibly and for various purposes in hospitals. The patented floating arm is steplessly adjustable and the control console is also movable, ensuring ergonomic working conditions. The cables are housed in such a way that they do not drag across the ground when the device is moved, thus avoiding a potential pulling down of the probes.

23.CT Scanner-NAEOTOM Alpha

Manufacturer:Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany

In-house design:Siemens Healthineers Design & User Experience Team

Equipped with a quantum-counting detector, which displays both anatomy and tissue composition in high-resolution image quality at a low radiation dose, the NAEOTOM Alpha reflects high-end CT imaging. The goal was to make it possible to experience the innovative technique visually, while giving the scanner an engaging human touch. This is achieved, for instance, by the unobtrusive use of a pixelated pattern, which renders the quantum counts in stylised form; in addition, the design shows a clear focus on the smoothly opening funnel. Bevelled surfaces and a rigorous avoidance of superfluous corners and edges ensure that the device is easy to clean.

24.Medical Devices and Technology-X66 Anesthesia System

Manufacturer:Beijing Siriusmed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing, China

In-house design:Guoxin Liu, Jingtao Wei, Weidong Wu

The X66 Anesthesia System combines intelligent anaesthesia and ventilation technology with comprehensive patient monitoring in the operating theatre. The unit is able to recognise the patient’s condition on the basis of ventilation parameters and vital data and, if necessary, trigger alarms and provide problem-solving assistance. The minimalist aesthetics draw attention to the most important functional areas. These areas are modular and clearly structured, which is not only advantageous for operation, but also for assembly, transport and maintenance. The circular shape as a unifying design element is found in all components.

25.Flexible Lab Water Dispenser-Arium® Smart Station

Manufacturer:Sartorius Corporate Administration GmbH, Göttingen, Germany

Design:Corpus-C Design Agentur GmbH, Fürth, Germany

The Arium Smart Station is designed for the flexible withdrawal of pure and ultra-pure laboratory water directly at the point of use. The compact dimensions are adapted to the limited space in laboratory environments. This means that the dosing unit can be optionally mounted on the wall or placed on the laboratory bench, where it easily fits under a standard-height shelf. The colour touchscreen offers direct access to all important parameters and functions, such as precise volume dosing. The dispenser arm can be swivelled by 360 degrees and is steplessly height-adjustable so that containers of different sizes can fit conveniently underneath and be filled.

26.Micro Instrument for Eye Surgery-Finesse Reflex Handle

Manufacturer:Alcon Grieshaber, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

In-house design:Niccolò Maschio, Timo Jung, Reto Grüebler

Design:Formscope GmbH, Christian Benz, Antono Djojoatmodjo, Niels Abt, Winterthur, Switzerland

The Finesse Reflex Handle is used for retinal operations on the eye that require a high degree of fine motor control from the surgeon. The device is an advanced version of previous models, but with smaller dimensions and a reduced weight. In addition, the handle does not have to be squeezed as hard to close the tweezers at the tip of the instrument. At the same time, the cylindrical shape allows the handle to be rotated by 360 degrees in the hand, while the shorter end piece prevents collision with the surgical microscope. The grooved structure and finger notch also provide improved stability.

27.Medical Devices and Technology-SV70 Ventilator

Manufacturer:Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Huan Zou, Lijuan He, Yu Chen

In the SV70 non-invasive ventilator, all components are carefully coordinated to form a unified visual appearance. The main unit disappears visually behind the touchscreen on the front, creating a calm overall impression. For transport, it can be detached from the trolley at the touch of a button. The gently curved all-round handlebar is used not only to move the ventilator, but also as a fastening option for the practical and hygienic mask holder and as a cable management aid.

28. Wheelchair-Haier High-end Electric Wheelchair

Manufacturer:Haier Group, Qingdao, China

Design:Qingdao Haier Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Dalu, Zhang Fu, Tian Ran, Wang Zhicheng, Du Likai, Qingdao, China

This wheelchair does not need to be manufactured individually but can be flexibly adapted to the client. By combining different components, the user can configure the individual look and attributes of their means of locomotion. This design concept saves resources and encourages a positive attitude towards the wheelchair on the part of the person operating it. Additional features such as one-key help and lighting promote safety, while its low weight and foldable design ensure that the wheelchair can be transported without exerting great effort.

29. Medical Devices and Technology-Flexible Videoscope for Single Use

Manufacturer:Zhejiang UE Medical Corp., Taizhou, China

In-house design:Xia Qiqiang, Huang Xuqing, Wang Weidong

This flexible video bronchoscope provides razor-sharp HD image quality and is mainly used for diagnosing pulmonary disorders. It is intended for single use so that potential cross-contamination is avoided. The bionic design of the handpiece is based on the physique of a bird. Its snug form ensures excellent contact with the surface of the hand. All of the operating components are ideally positioned from an ergonomic point of view. One particular feature is the blue lever for moving the camera, which gives it a distinctive accent but is also intuitive to use.

30Nucleic Acid Isolation System-XM3000

Manufacturer:Zybio Inc., Chongqing, China

Design:yimumu design & consulting GmbH, Yi Salomo, Maxi Modes, Worb, Switzerland

Close collaboration between design and engineering has gone into the development of the EXM3000 testing device in order to meet the need for fast, fully automated ways of detecting SARS-CoV-2. The emphasis has been placed on using materials efficiently to reduce costs, resulting in a very compact, friendly-looking device. The convex front gives the appearance of being open, facing the user so that the screen can be viewed at an ideal angle. The handle for opening the sample compartment is recessed flush with the casing so that it is not in the way while working. The tinted plexiglass pane provides a view of the current analysis process.

31Dental Treatment Unit-Axano

Manufacturer:Dentsply Sirona, Bensheim, Germany

Design:Puls Produktdesign, Hendrik Breitbach, Andreas Ries, Phillip Sorge, Darmstadt, Germany

Flowing forms and balanced proportions characterise the Axano treatment unit for dental surgeries. Together with the high-quality surfaces and materials, these design elements underpin the product’s premium claim. The structural components are just as adaptable to individual needs as the Smart Touch user interface. Furthermore, the numerous adjustment options permit optimal access to all instruments and precise positioning of the patient. A fascinating experience is also offered by the integrated Ambient Light with many colour settings, allowing individual moods to be created.

32. Medical Devices and Technology-Nebuliser System

Manufacturer:Smoore International Holdings Limited, Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Mingming Wang, Ningbo Lin, Tao Lu, Qing Ling, Jun Li, Xieen Zhang, Yong Lv, Mingsi Zhou, Shiyi Cheng

This nebuliser system is used in conjunction with a ventilator to administer liquid medication. The system uses an advanced ceramic membrane filter and an integrated design with a control unit and nebuliser, thus eliminating the need for cables, simplifying operation and helping to avoid errors. The system detects the change in air pressure in the breathing tube so that nebulisation is automatically triggered during inhalation and stops when the patient exhales, thus avoiding wasted medication. The dial-like display on the control unit is intuitive to read and follows the basic idea that “time is life”.

33.Medical Device-Automatic Blood Analysis Line

Manufacturer:Shenzhen Reetoo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Xinqiang Luo, Qiaoliang Li, Suwen Qi

This fully automated laboratory line for blood analysis features a modular design: blood analyser, slide stainer and slide reader can be used separately or combined. Due to their narrow design, the devices can be placed directly next to each other and require little floor space. The design concept developed for the entire product range, which is characterised by strict straight lines and strong contrasts, creates a stringent visual appearance. The intuitive interface design enables the user to interact with the systems in a safe and comfortable way.

34.DR-MobileApex Series

Manufacturer:Shenzhen Browiner Tech Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

In-house design:Anshan Wang, Yongxuan Qiu, Hailong Tan

The mobile digital radiography system from the MobileApex series has an extendable column. When retracted, it enables a clear view during transport and fits easily through doors. When extended, the stand ensures sufficient distance between the tube head and the image detector during X-rays to produce high-quality images. The electric motor, double collision protection and large drive wheels make the trolley easy and safe to manoeuvre through narrow hospital corridors. The detachable tablet PC allows the user to move freely while operating the system.

35.Medical Devices and Technology-Intelligent Orthopaedic Surgical System

Manufacturer:Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, Taiwan,China

Design: ndd design, Taiwan,China

Compared to conventional surgical techniques, this intelligent system allows spinal procedures to be performed with greater accuracy and less exposure to X-rays. The optical 3D hybrid positioning technology provides pinpoint vertebral position data and combines it with 3D imaging to guide the surgeon. Thanks to its vertically oriented design, the system can work agilely in the tightest of spaces. In addition, the striking edge design and the light/dark contrasts emphasise the compactness of the system. Individual areas are concisely highlighted by orange colour accents.

36.Dental Intra-Oral Scanner-CS 3800

Manufacturer:Carestream Dental, Croissy-Beaubourg, France

Design:Porsche Design GmbH, Christian Schwamkrug, Zell am See, Austria

With its lightweight and wireless operation, the CS 3800 intra-oral scanner offers a high level of convenience. Based on the morphology of the human hand in combination with flowing, ergonomic lines, the handpiece can also be held particularly naturally. With the integrated gesture control feature, the scan can be processed in real time: by simply swivelling the handpiece, the digital impression on the screen rotates to the desired position without the aid of a PC mouse. Furthermore, the scanner has a larger field of vision and improved depth of field as compared to the previous model.